How You See Determines Your Fate


It is easy to see things as they are. We see our company downsizing. We see our mortgage and how many bills we have to pay. We see all the things that can make us fear for our security.

Living based only on what we see, is a big reason why so many of us have ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and worse. Focusing on the sight of our circumstances can cause us to give in to fear and give up on the vision that will overcome the hardships and lead us to the reality that we are meant to live in. Sight without vision, robs us of hope.

Vision is seeing things as they could be and should be. Vision is what allows us to see ways to improve on “the way we’ve always done things.” in our organization.

Vision allows us to see problems as opportunities.

Vision gives us the courage to keep going and push through our obstacles.

Sight or Vision

The vision in your heart is greater and more powerful than your circumstances.

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