Know Your Dream THEN Follow It

Finding your Dream

Follow your dream.  A simple instruction that is much easier said than done. And it is impossible to do if aren’t sure exactly what dream you’re supposed to be following.

How do you figure out what your dream, your destiny is?

Start by looking inward and asking yourself some questions.

What makes you…


What is that thing that you love to do?

You’d be willing to do it every day for no money. (But you’ll take it of course)


What is that problem that gets under your skin like no other and that you would love to solve?
Henry Ford was angered at the idea that it was impossible to mass produce an internal combustion engine.


What is the issue or thing that you are so passionate about that it can bring you to tears?                                                                                                                 Nancy Goodman Brinker lost a beloved sister, but the world gained the Susan G. Komen For The cure Foundation.

What are you gifted to do?  What do you do best?

What is that thing that, when you do it, it brings out the very best in you?


I welcome your comments and invite you to share your dreams.

Lets inspire one another.

And remember….


There’s No Shortcut Past Hard Work

Road 2 Success

There is no shortcut around hard work.
Actually. There are plenty of shortcuts around hard work and people choose to take them all the time.
However,there are no shortcuts around hard work that lead to success.
Just ask the average successful starting entrepreneur, who according to Princeton Review, works about seventy hours a week.
I learned this lesson the hard way.While building my own syndicated radio network, I worked really hard at finding a shortcut around the grunt work of making advertising sales calls. I didn’t just fail, I failed miserably and expensively.
It wasn’t until I stopped looking for shortcuts that I found the right path.
Your dream isn’t going to materialize on its on, you’ve got to work it into reality, and that work is hard.
There is a popular saying, “If it was that easy, everyone would do it.”
I prefer,

Anyone can do it