Today Is The Day

What is your dream? What is your passion?

Are you waiting for the right time to start pursuing that thing that you want do or be?

Are conditions just not quite right to start going after your goal?  

Is the money just a little too short for you to reach for your dream?

Guess what? It never will be!

The time, conditions, and money will never all be perfect for you to start going after your dream, whatever your dream is. And if waste time waiting for everything to be perfect, you will never start. And if you never take your shot at your dream, you WILL find yourself self at the end of your race, with your mouth filled with the rancid taste of regret.
The right day to start is today. Your best time to start marching toward your goal is now. 

No, I don’t mean drop everything, quit your job, and go running out the door in pursuit of your dream. (Although that would be funny to watch).

I mean, write one thing on your to-do list for today that you can accomplish today, then do it. That is taking one small step toward your goal.

Then do,it again tomorrow, and next day. Keep moving forward one step at a time. Eventually you WILL succeed. 

This formula is so simple, yet it is not easy.

Following this formula takes courage, determination, and hard work.

Following this formula requires you to be Brave Enough To Fail 

If you are still reading this, then you are.


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