Seriously, What Do You Expect?

Expect success

Expectation is like gravity in one very important way.

Both are undeniable laws of the universe.

The law of gravity says, things that are tossed up into the air must come back down. Whether you like it or not, it just happens.

The law of expectations says, what you really expect to happen in your life, will happen. Whether you like it or not, it just will.

Teachers that EXPECT their students to work hard and do well, get students that tend to work harder and do better.

Sales professionals  who EXPECT to find qualified prospects willing to add value and quality to their lives and businesses, regardless of the obstacles, tend to close more sales and make more money.

But remember, it works both ways.

People who EXPECT to be miserable, rejected and poor, tend to attract misery, disappointment, and poverty.

What do you expect?

Imagine reaching your goals and achieving your dreams, and then EXPECT it to happen.

Your expectations

I welcome your comments and invite you to share your dreams.

Wayne Winsley is a multiple award winning speaker, and former radio broadcaster with over 20 years of on-air experience as a Rock DJ, News Anchor, and Talk Show host.

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