Brave is Not the Same as Reckless

Prepared to succeed

In 1989 I was a fresh graduate from broadcasting school looking for my first job. At first, I followed the normal job-seeking procedure of sending my audition tape and resume to dozens of radio stations and waiting patiently for a response.

I got zero responses. Then I got an idea.

I decided to simply show up at a radio station unannounced, with no appointment, and ask to speak with the program director, the person that usually does the actual hiring of air-talent.

The goal was simply to shake the director’s and give him or her a face to go along with my audition tape.

On a sunny afternoon I walked into WRKI, I-95FM The Home of Rock & Roll in Brookfield, CT.

The program director was actually on the air at the time but agreed to come out and meet with me during a commercial break. He came out, shook my hand, and took my tape. Then he invited me into the studio where he popped my tape into a player, listened to it, and offered me a job. Just like that.

I took my shot.

I was brave enough to risk failure and was rewarded with an awesome and ridiculously fun, twenty-year career as a radio broadcaster.

When it comes to your dream, you must be, Brave Enough to take your shot.

If you’ve ever shot a basketball at a hoop, you know that it is possible to turn your back to the hoop, toss the ball over your shoulder, and have it go in.

In fact, the only way to absolutely guarantee that the ball won’t go through the hoop is to not take the shot. The same applies to your dreams and goals. The only way to guarantee failure is to not take your shot.

HOWEVER… If you turn around and face the basket, your odds of success increase greatly. and if you practice, and prepare yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually, your odds of success increase dramatically.

When I walked into the radio station back in 1989 it may have appeared like I was taking a wild shot in the dark with my eyes closed and my back to the target.

The truth is, I took a calculated risk. I knew that if I did indeed get the opportunity to meet with the program director, I had to be prepared. I had to be dressed presentably, my hygiene had to be in order, no bad breath or body odor. And my audition tape had to be as close to absolutely perfect as I could possibly make it.

Being Brave Enough to Fail, provided the opportunity. Being prepared allowed me to make the most of that opportunity.


Brave or Reckless


About the author

Wayne Winsley is a multiple award winning speaker, and former radio broadcaster with over 20 years of on-air experience as a Rock DJ, News Anchor, and Talk Show host. He is the founder and President of The #1 student motivational program in America.

Motivation is key in improving literacy and learning.

Research has shown that many adolescents will take on the task of learning how to read and write better only if they have compelling reasons to do so.

Brave Enough To Fail inspires students by giving them a compelling reason to invest in their own education.

That is why you should give generously to Brave Enough to Fail



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