1,500 Toward 5K Push-Ups in 30 Days & I Feel Like Giving Up

Don't Give Up

Caution: Please read to 2nd paragraph.

I’ve done 1,500 push-ups out of 5,000 and so far we’ve raised a a total of $25 for BraveEnoughToFail.org. This is an absolute waste of time and I may as well quit because nobody cares. I really, truly feel like giving up.

However, I will not give up. This is the place that everyone who pursues a worthwhile goal reaches, eventually. Every entrepreneur, every innovator, every achiever, has felt like throwing in the towel at some point. This is the crucial point that separates those who achieve success and those who do not. Every successful person has reached this point…and kept going.

Our mission at Brave Enough to Fail is to inspire youth with the courage, determination, and the drive to push through adversity, rise above obstacles, and rebound from failure in pursuit of their dreams.

Besides, that really cute kid that films a lot of these videos is my eight year old daughter. What would she think, if her Dad quit on a goal that he told her was really important? She’ll never know, because her Dad is not giving up, on her or any of our young people.

Will you join the effort? Please donate today.




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