5,000 Push-Ups in 30 Days to #InspireKids to Pursue Their Dreams

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Brave Enough To Fail is on a MISSION  to MOTIVATE!

Motivate as many of our young people as possible.

As founder and president of BETF, it is up to me to get the ball rolling.

So, during the month of October I will be doing 5,000 push-ups in 30 days to help motivate and empower young people to realize their dreams and full potential. I’ll be doing my push-ups  at different locations. The goal is to raise funds and awareness for BraveEnoughToFail.org

Brave Enough to Fail is a motivational program that empowers young people to realize their dreams and full potential through educational achievement, courage, and hard work.The program provides a launch-pad towards success with exposure to educational and career opportunities, and academic scholarships. The goal is to cultivate a generation of competent, self-assured, young people who have the tools to succeed.

These are the needs we address

The educational achievement gap, especially between low-income & minority students and their more affluent peers is widening. Fewer young people are leaving school fully educated and empowered with the spirit of self-determination needed to succeed and even excel in the modern workforce and marketplace. Upwards of 40 percent of high school students are chronically disengaged from school, according to a National Research council report on motivation.

Research shows that many adolescents will take on the task of learning how to read and write better only if they have compelling reasons to do so.

Brave Enough To Fail inspires students by giving them a compelling reason to invest in their own education.


To schedule an interview with Wayne Winsley email waynewinsley@gmail.com

or cal 203-417-8288


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