Mission Accomplished! 5K Push-Ups in 30 Days to #InspireKids to Achieve Greatness


Mission accomplished!

5,000 Push-Ups done in 29 Days, not 30.  Oct. 1st thru Oct. 29th.

The message has been delivered to our young people:

Set a positive goal, have the courage to go after that goal and persistence to keep going even you don’t feel like it, and even when the mountain looks too big and finish line appears to be too far away.

If you keep going and get over the hump, you will find that you are better off that when you started and capable of much more than you ever thought possible.

Success is the result of being Brave Enough To Fail!

Brave Enough to Fail Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit, student motivational program that ,with your support, empowers young people to realize their dreams and full potential through educational achievement, courage, and hard work.The program provides a launch-pad towards success with motivational presentations, exposure to educational and career opportunities, and academic scholarships. The goal is to cultivate a generation of competent, self-assured, young people who have the tools to succeed.

By donating to Brave Enough to Fail, You strengthen our communities, you strengthen our state, and you strengthen our nation, by empowering our youth.


Please help #InspireKids today by making a donation. Thank you so much.


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