BETF Person of Courage: Lisa Lynn

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Lisa Lynn used belief and desire to overcome her personal struggle to become healthy and fit. Overcoming that adversity led to a thriving business.

The spirit of LynFIT

Lisa had the courage to set goals and the determination to stick to those goals.

The result is LynFit Nutrition.  now She was successful not because she had a lot of money or fancy tricks but because she believed in what she was doing and out of her burning desire to help others who struggled with their weight and are plagued with low self esteem that negatively affects every area of their lives .

The secret to Lynn’s success began  with a personal struggle to become healthy & fit and to overcome a battle with her weight.

“My struggles have taught me that we can do anything and that any thing is possible .

We don’t have to stay stuck we can become anything we want to be and do anything we set our minds to without limitation and it all starts with the dream in our hearts .”

LynFIT is built & based on this life changing  transformation principal.

Transformation means xxxxx

And it starts inside of us

“My company is not a nameless faceless organization

My entire business /LynFIT is  run by real people who have their own hopes and dreams and we all believe that we are all here for a reason .

My personal mission is to help as many people as humanly possible become healthier and live happier lives one pound at a time one day at a time .

My dream is to do great things for people and  make reaching their fitness & weight loss goals faster and easier by removing the obstacles that stop them.

I am relentlessly determined  to make the healthiest best tasting products that taste so delicious that  they replace the cravings for the wrong foods with a healthier alternative .”

Lisa Lynn had the courage to risk failure in pursuit of her dreams and goals.

Lisa Lynn is now one of the nation’s elite trainers and performance nutrition specialists.

Lynn’s motto:

Believe … begin … become.


Follow Lisa Lynn on Twitter @lisalynnfitness

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