As Budget Woes Worsen Schools and Students Pick up The Tab






In his OpED in the Sunday’s Hartford Courant; First Selectman of Trumbull, Tim Herbst outlines the ways in which proposed cuts will effect schools and students throughout CT.

As Selectman Herbst states “It is sickening and it is time for a change.” The question however is what does that change look like? Can we the people wait for our elected officials to correct the issues facing our state, our towns, our schools and our students or will waiting make it too late for an entire generation of students?

Brave Enough To Fail (BETF) a Non-profit organization is seeking an immediate solution to this devastating problem. Currently BETF provides schools and students with presentations and scholarships geared toward empowering students to succeed.

The solution is Brave Enough To Write (BETW) a platform in which students are encouraged to self-publish their own literature. Through the program students can share their stories and read the stories of their peers. Participating students will be given the on-going chance to win enrichment scholarship through the program. The program will be directly tied to English Curriculum.

Through the BETW platform we will be able to address some of the potential damage of the proposed budget cuts from Governor Dan Malloy. Students will be able to participate in a program that advances their English and writing skills, increases self-confidence and provides scholarships to help further their enrichment. Organizations with participating students will be eligible to win matching enrichment grants to help off-set budget short falls. So if a student wins, the organization or school system they are from wins.

As Selectman Herbst says “it is time for a change” and BETF through the BETW program is actively working on this change!


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