Bridgeport Students Left to Fend for Themselves




The recent article in Ct.Post by Linda Conner Lambeck “Bridgeport Schools brace for potential cuts” raises all sorts of questions and concerns. How is it that Math and Literacy could even be considered to be on the block for any school district?

This is yet another example of students basically being left to find their own way to succeed in a system that is being put in the position of offering students less help instead of more.

One organization is stepping in to offer students some bootstraps with which to pull themselves up.

Brave Enough to Fail, a CT non-profit working to incentivize students to excel in school has developed the Brave Enough to Write program (BETW), specially to address to the growing gap, as well as to off set devastating budget cuts, as proposed in Bridgeport.

The BETW program will be a self-publishing platform, tied to English curriculum that allows students of all ages to write and publish their own stories, and read the stories of their peers. Students within the program will be eligible to win various enrichment scholarships and the school or organization the student comes from will receive a matching scholarship.

While we know that writing is a rewarding activity and can have serious impact on self-esteem and confidence, the BETW program’s aim is to not only help build confidence and self-esteem, but to work to off-set devastating budget gaps by providing students access to educational opportunities as well as funding.

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