#Inspiring Kids to Achieve Their Dreams


Over 400 students at Bartlett Senior & Junior High School in Webster Massachusetts received a powerful message of courage, determination, and achievement.

The “Be the Boss of Your Dream” presentation is geared toward inspiring students with the courage to overcome adversity, achieve their dreams, and to see their education as a way to get what they want out of life.  Take a look.

The presentation was made possible thanks to a generous, and anonymous sponsor.

BraveEnough to Fail provides free motivational programs and scholarships to high schools.To request the Brave Enough to Fail program for your students visit http://www.BraveEnoughToFail.org

Please make a donation today to help raise student achievement by inspiring kids to achieve their dreams.



Anonymous donor sponsors presentation at Webster high school

Brave Enough to Fail, a Connecticut based nonprofit which provides free motivational presentations and scholarships to high schools will be at Bartlett Junior & Senior High School on Wednesday April 12th at 1:00pm.

Wayne Winsley, executive director of the organization says,

“Our mission is to raise student achievement by inspiring kids to achieve  dreams. Donors are stepping forward to that mission and I am pleased and humbled at the opportunity to plant seeds of success in the minds of young people.”

Local media are invited to attend the event.

Bartlett Junior & Senior High  52 Lake Pkwy, Webster, MA