Write a Short Story & Win Long Green $




Follow your passion for Writing, support a Charity that inspires Kids AND win $1,000!

The Brave Enough To Write short story contest has two age categories and two prizes.

17 years and under prize is $500.

18 years and over prize is $1,000.

All funds raised by this contest will go toward the prizes, and to provide free motivational programs and scholarships to in-need schools.

Also the winners in addition to getting the prize money, will have their story and accomplishment promoted to the youth we serve and the general public, as an example of what can happen when you have the courage to go after your dreams.


Contest Rules :

  •  Online Submissions only
  • All stories must be previously unpublished in
  • Submission fee $20.00 US
  • Max word count: 10,000.
  • All readings are blind
  • Each story must be accompanied by a cover sheet that includes the writer’s name, age, the title of the story, his or her complete mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and the word count of the work submitted.


  • The title page and story must be submitted as one document, as an attachment. The author’s name should not appear on the story. Only the title of the story should appear on the manuscript.


  • Writers may submit multiple entries, but these must be submitted as separate Microsoft Word documents, or PDFs with separate cover sheets and separate entry fees.


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The Road To Success is a Toll Road



The Great White Shark is the most feared predator on the planet. It relentlessly prowls the waters, hunting where it will and in fear of nothing for it has no natural challenger save the Orca.

However, to be successful, the great white shark must do one thing. It must keep moving forward at all times. If this particular shark stands still, it becomes just another drowned carcass swallowed up by the vast ocean and fed upon by others.

Successful people across the board share this shark-like trait. They keep moving forward, they are diligent, they don’t give up and they work as hard and as long as necessary to reach their goal. they learn from their failures but they don’t live in them. They refuse to drown in mediocrity.

Everyone wants to be successful, and if it were easy, everyone would be. But it’s not easy and therefore, too many are not.

Life will inevitably throw obstacles in path, adversity will strike and circumstance will conspire against you.

Look around you, there are plenty of talented and gifted people who failed to reach their full potential because for them, the price was too high, it was too hard, it took too long so they gave up the fight. Quite often, it is not talent that makes the difference but perseverance.

Be the shark, keep moving forward. Your dreams, your goals, your success is worth fighting for.


The road to success is a toll road and that toll of diligence and hard work, MUST be paid.There is no shortcut around hard work and diligence.

You were born to accomplish great things. Don’t drown in the sea of mediocrity. Keep moving forward toward your destiny.

Brave Enough to Fail Inc. is a nonprofit formed in late 2015, that provides motivational programs and scholarships to high schools with a special focus on those schools that are most in-need. The mission is to raise student achievement by inspiring kids with the courage to achieve their dreams and to help students see their education as a way to get what they want from life.

You donation could change the destiny of a child. Please give today.