Brave Enough To Fail, a Connecticut based, 501 (C) 3 nonprofit that provides motivational programs and scholarships to high schools, is holding an open casting call for corporate partners to sponsor their plan to inspire student achievement nationwide.

The assembly-style presentations deliver a powerful message designed to inspire students to achieve great things. The scholarships are designated specifically for each school to give the motivated students an achievable goal to work toward.

Wayne Winsley, founder and executive director of the organization says,

“Over the summer, we have received requests for this program from schools in at least nine states, including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, all for the upcoming school year.

Rather than saying no, we don’t have the resources to meet this demand, we are instead asking the question,

Is there at least one company in America that would like to have their brand associated with planting seeds of success in the minds of thousands of students across the nation?

We believe the answer is yes, that is why we’ve created this opportunity for that right company or brand to connect and work with us and inspire kids to achieve their dreams.”

Interested parties may contact Wayne Winsley,


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