4 Guaranteed Ways to Recruit Millennials for Manufacturing Jobs



Below is an excerpt from Michael O’Donnell of The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Networkoriginally posted back in February of 2017  

Create a clear and compelling picture of advanced manufacturing.
Because most millennials are digital natives, technology is a cornerstone of their way of life. It’s essential to show young workers that today’s factories do not house traditional equipment, but instead play host to innovative tech like 3D printers, CAD software, robotics, and IoT devices. You’ll also be more likely to generate interest if you open your doors for a plant tour, participate in community outreach, and act as an ambassador for manufacturing.

Provide opportunities for growth and leadership.
Due to the 2008 recession, repeated downsizing, and other socioeconomic factors, young employees are often worried about instability in their careers. The chance to develop professionally and move up the ladder is valuable, and many will respond positively to a company if they’re given the chance to grow and upskill in CNC machining, welding, and other disciplines. Giving employees chances to lead or hash out new ideas not only helps them stay happy and engaged, but also benefits your business by giving your company new ideas to help it grow, succeed, and stay relevant in a changing world.

Offer paid internships.
Internship positions and youth apprenticeship programs are a worthwhile investment for your company. Not only are you giving students on-the-job training in a real-world environment, but you are actively grooming the next generation of employees. You will have the chance to develop a working relationship with them and, if all goes well, end up with a full-time employee that works hard, knows your business, and may be the first in a sustained pipeline of young workers.

Present flexibility and work-life balance.
As millennials get married and acquire other priorities outside of the workplace, there is more focus on maintaining a healthy balance between careers and home lives. Making this idea a linchpin in your company’s foundation will not only attract more skilled workers, but also keep your existing employees from becoming unhappy, disengaged, or looking elsewhere for new positions.

End of excerpt. Read the full article here

We’d like to add a 5th guaranteed way to recruit millennials for manufacturing jobs.

Give young workers entering the workforce a compelling personal reason to choose your company by investing in their success.

We believe that there are companies that would gladly support a motivational program that inspires and challenges students in their hometowns and that points them to possible careers in local industry and manufacturing IF they knew the program existed.

We are doing just that, and invite you to join us.

Brave Enough To Fail Inc, is a 501 ( C ) 3 nonprofit. Our mission is to raise student achievement by providing free motivational presentations and scholarships to schools nationwide, and then point those inspired and motivated young people toward rewarding careers at great companies like yours.

Contact me, Wayne Winsley, Executive Director of Brave Enough To Fail inc. to learn how your company can help develop tomorrow’s workforce today by sponsoring scholarships, materials, and school presentations.




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