Sowing Seeds Of Success


Success pic


A garden is a wonderful thing. It’s a labor of love from seed time to harvest but the end results are worth it! There’s nothing quite like sitting down in summer for a meal with a truly crisp, straight out of the ground fresh salad.

The wonderful aroma of sautéed veggies fills the air during barbeques and people are wiping the juice of a watermelon you grew off their smiling faces. It’s a satisfying thing to know that others are eating well because of the labor of you invested!

The decision to grow your own food poses many questions such as:
How do I plant a vegetable garden? Where should I plant it? When is the best time to plant? How much sun does my garden need? Which vegetables grow well together? And of course…where did all these bugs and pests come from? I never had single one of these around my house until I started sowing seed!

I’d like you to join me on my journey of growing my garden this summer because along the way I’ll share some gardening tips along with valuable lessons about success. Our lives are much like a garden and as you follow this series you’ll see what I mean. Principles for succeeding in life are all around us and I’m going to help you find those hidden gems. I’ll give you an example…Look closely at the paragraph above this one and see if you can find 6 principles a garden can teach you about success.

Did you see them? Look closely! I’ll give you the first one..

How do I plant a vegetable garden? The principle –
A plan. Knowledge helps you grow…or as I like to phrase it know-how gives you grow-how…oh wow…I better stop now!

Doing some research, reading, and reviewing some video on gardens will help you get greater results for the effort you put in. Learn those basics and then apply them…just like in life…


Knowledge Is The Foundation To The Life You Want To Build.


It will give you confidence. Let me explain.
I was never confident speaking about a subject that I didn’t know a lot about, BUT…get a topic that I did know a lot about and it was on! I spoke with confidence because of that knowledge.

In fact, the more I learned…the more I discovered about myself. My view of life began to change. I discovered something a lot of people live without – purpose.

I realized that knowledge is powerful and will raise you up to places that you’ll only dream of reaching if you don’t apply yourself.

Is the same true with you?

Plan Your Work…and Work Your Plan

As I thought about what I wanted to grow in my garden I decided that I needed to draw it out on paper. I wanted to have an idea what the end result will look like (and help me remember what I planted where)!

Setting goals and then breaking them down into smaller steps on paper always helps me stay focused and moving forward.

How about you?

If you want to be better at basketball you don’t sit around hoping it will happen do you? No, you study plays. You watch film. You train, and train, and train till every muscle in your body hurts…and then you train some more!

You don’t become an amazing pianist by sitting down at one do you? No, that’s only the first step. You have to learn how to read music. Listen to different techniques, get yourself a teacher if you can, and then practice, practice, practice until your fingers feel like they tied together…and then do it again!

The end result will be amazing!

Right now, you have the ability to achieve anything you desire to. You’re not just a game changer…NO!
You’re a world changer!

Research! Read! Learn all you can! Your future is the sum of the decisions that you make…choose to invest in your education! Knowledge Is Power!


I have much to share in the days and weeks ahead so stay on the lookout for the next post. I want you to succeed but I must ask you…Are you Brave Enough To Grow?!

Sowing seeds for your success,

Wayne Winsley