The College of Westchester Partners With Brave Enough To Fail

Brave Enough To Fail and The College of Westchester are extremely pleased to announce that they have joined forces to help cultivate a new generation of leaders, creators, and achievers.

The College of Westchester will provide up to ten $1,000 scholarships per year which Brave Enough To Fail will make available to students at schools that it serves.

The scholarships will be renewable as long as awardees remain full-time students in good standing. The first scholarships are available for the current school year and will be awarded in June 2019.

The College of Westchester offers several degree programs in Business, Health Professions, and Information Technology.

Robert Onorato, Dean of Online Education at The College of Westchester said,

“The College of Westchester is proud and happy to be working with Brave Enough to Fail and the students that BETF works with.   We look forward to a successful relationship.”

Wayne Winsley, Executive Director of Brave Enough To Fail says,

“I’m honored and humbled to have the support of such a great institution as The College of Westchester. Together we are going to help place even more young people on the path to success.”

Brave Enough To Fail is a nonprofit student motivational program geared toward helping students succeed in school and beyond by inspiring courage and providing scholarships and other resources. 


Brave Enough To Write

10,000 words or less, all genres except erotica $20 donation to enter 100% tax deductible

This contest is a charity fundraiser. 

All proceeds go toward our mission of providing free motivational programs and scholarships to high schools.

$1,000 prize for Winner 18 and over category

$1,000 prize for Winner 17 and under category

Contest runs Jan. 15th 2019 thru June 15th 2019

The Details

Our “Brave Enough To Write” Short story contest is a fundraiser that also promotes literacy, writing, and authors. 

The format is simple,

Submit an unpublished short story 10,000 words or less in any genre except erotica.

Entry fee of $20 is  a 100% tax deductible donation and all proceeds go directly toward providing our programs and scholarships to students. 

Prizes are $1,000 for the best author 18 years old and above and $1,000 for best 17 years and under author.

One winner per year in each category will be selected to receive the BETW Lion of Literature Award. 

Authors retain full ownership of their work. ​

In the future we are looking to publish a  collection of winning stories and runner ups and any proceeds from that will be split evenly with the authors.

We launched this contest first in 2017 with prizes totally $1,500.The top prize of $1,000 was won by Sarah Tehuitoa  of Pahrump Nevada. The $500 prize was won by Isabel Adams of Weare New Hampshire.

Our goal is to raise raise financial support and awareness for our mission in such a way that aligns with our core philosophy of inspiring people to achieve their dreams.