Brave Enough To Fail and Kiwanis Celebrate Partnership

Brave Enough To Fail and the Kiwanis Club Foundation of Greater Danbury celebrated their successful partnership recently at the annual Kiwanis For Kids breakfast held at the Ethan Allen Hotel.

Left to right; Michael Doyle, Board Chair, Brave Enough To Fail, Doug Schmeltz, Danbury Kiwanis Club President,
Wayne Winsley, Executive Director, Brave Enough To Fail.

Brave Enough To Fail provides free motivational presentations and up to $5,000 in scholarships to high schools. Our mission is cultivating a new generation of leaders, creators, and achievers.

Being brave enough to risk failure is a NON-NEGOTIABLE requirement for success in any venture. That is our founding philosophy and the core of the inspiring message that we deliver to students.

Kiwanis Key Club is a student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

Through the partnership, Key Clubs host the assembly style motivational presentations for the student body, typically the sophomore or senior class. The local Kiwanis Club receives co-branding on the event and scholarships as well.

Key Clubbers can host monthly Brave Enough To Fail career opportunity sessions with local business leaders and professionals.

Key Club members in the schools we serve, are now empowered to bestow their own, Brave Enough To Fail, Key to Success scholarship upon a student that they nominate themselves.

Norwalk High Key Clubbers & Wayne Winsley

Together, Kiwanis and Brave Enough To Fail are reaching hundreds more students and awarding thousands more dollars in scholarships. Key Clubs are energized and empowered to become even bigger difference makers in their schools and communities.

Brave Enough To Fail is extending this partnership to Kiwanis clubs and their Key Clubs nationwide. Join us by contacting us for more information. Message us here or send an email.