Happy Birthday America, New Patriots are On The Way

As we celebrate the birthday of the United States of America on the 4Th of July, it is fitting that we remember those who worked so hard to found a nation based on the principle that all men and women are created equal and sacrificed so much to secure our God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

For many Americans the Independence Day celebration may be dampened by fears that America’s founding principles are in danger of being replaced by something else. With more voices speaking against those principles, more divisive messaging in our media, and surveys saying more young people than ever are open to accepting socialist ideas, those fears are understandable. How can we turn all that around?

We can turn it around by increasing the number of young people that have a sense of their own self worth. Historically, socialism, communism and other systems that have tried to make everything “fair” and make everyone “the same”, have always ultimately failed because it is impossible to totally stamp out the God-given desire for individual achievement. The Declaration of Independence says, “All men are created equal”, which is absolutely true… But, we are NOT all created the same.  We each have individual dreams and destinies that are endowed to us by our creator. We turn things around by reminding our young people about that! 

 Motivated people with the courage to pursue their dreams have always been a problem for socialists. Which brings us to another reason to celebrate. There is an organization who’s mission is inspiring such people.

 Brave Enough To Fail, America’s number one student motivational program, is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit that provides free presentations and scholarships to high schools. 

Our mission is raising student achievement by inspiring students with the courage to achieve their dreams. By doing that, we create a new generation of Leaders, Creators, & Achievers. Inspired and motivated young people who have the attitude of…Why settle for what the government might hand you, when you can get much more by using what God has already given you?

Individuals who are more likely to support ideas like fiscal responsibility, constitutional principles. and less intrusive government.

Since 2016 BETF has reached over 10,000 students many of whom are now new voters, and has scholarship winners currently attending great schools like Liberty University, Oral Roberts University, and North-Point Bible College.

We need the help of our fellow Americans because we absolutely cannot do it alone. You can help our mission to strengthen America by making a tax deductible donation today. Please give any amount, $5 $10 $25 $50 $100 $250 $500 $1,000

And this Independence Day, join us in saying,

Happy Birthday America, new patriots are on the way.

Wayne Winsley, Founder & CEO Brave Enough To Fail Inc.

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