Elwood Nebraska Teen Wins Top Prize In Nationwide Short Story Contest

The Summer 2019 Brave Enough To Write short story contest asked writers and would-be writers to submit their stories of ten thousand words or less in any genre except erotica. Up for grabs, Two $1,000 top prizes for the best story by an author 17 years old or younger and the best story by an author 18 and over.

Proceeds from the contest benefit nonprofit Brave Enough To Fail Inc. America’s #1 student motivational program which inspires young people with the courage to achieve their dreams by providing free motivational presentations and scholarships to high schools nationwide.

Nearly two hundred authors from across the nation as well as from Italy and Great Britain answered the challenge.

17 year old Haylie Moseley of Elwood Nebraska beat out the competition in the 17 and under category and won first prize of $1,000 with her short story called “Born to be Queen”.

Haylie calls herself a very creative person who loves to create new worlds. She says her favorite part of writing is the fact that you can evoke certain feeling within a reader. which is my favorite part about writing. Haylie also believes that the key to writing a really good story is “showing” and not “telling”. She thanks her creative writing teacher for that lesson.

Apparently that and other lessons were very well learned. Judge Isabel Adams, one of the 2017 top prize winners, called “Born to be Queen” very dramatic, true to it’s time period, and fraught with fear, traitors, and lies.

Read Born to be Queen, by Haley Moseley here.

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