More Dream Time On Your Hands!

We’ve all heard the saying that “Time waits for no man..” And how true that statement is.

No matter how much we want it to slow down time continues to go on regardless of what we do. 

Imagine if you were told that you only had a year to live…or just 6 months…how would you spend the little, precious time you had left?

How would your attitude towards things change? How would you manage your time differently?

Do you remember what you did with the extra hour as we set the clocks back?

Let’s face it, in todays’ day and age we’re constantly being distracted by one manner of thing or another. In fact, in the time you’re taking to read this your phone has probably already gone off hasn’t it? MY phone went off with messages from friends. 

There are so many things vying for our attention and for us to get the most out of our day sometimes it’s best to look at our see what things we can do to make the most of our time.

Once a day is gone…it’s gone, you can never get that time back. 

Here are some tips that I’ve found work very well for time management along with some questions for you.

1. If it’s not super important…leave it.

If you have a test you need to study for or need to get up for work in the morning instead of being on your phone or laptop until late at night, go to bed early and get the most out of your sleep. 

Or…you have chores that need to be done or steps that you could be taking to turn your goals into reality but you find yourself in front of the television…walk out of the room and get busy and make sure to TURN IT OFF so you don’t get drawn back in! 

2. Little things can waste big amounts of time.

I find it’s the little things that can turn into the biggest distractions…getting ONE thing on Amazon can lead to an hour of looking at shoes, jewelry, (For me it’s Zelda merchandise.) and Boom! a whole hour wasted!

A power nap that turns into a power snooze and 2 or 3 o clock becomes five o’ clock! (Been there, done that.) 

Take some serious inventory and see how much time you waste on the little things and try something like: 

Setting a timer – that way YOU limit yourself on how much time you spend on a certain activity.

3. Schedule

I can’t believe I wrote that word! I HATED that word as a kid.

It usually meant less time outside and more school. As a teenager, it meant less sleep, more work.

I soon realized as I began to mature, that scheduling is the key to getting everything done that I want to get done in a day.

Schedules are designed to help us make the most of our time and to keep us from being wasteful. 

List your priorities and stick to the list!

Now for the questions…answer them honestly then make a personal action plan by starting your solution with “I will.”

I’ll do the first one with you…

  1. Do I find myself staying up really late for no particular reason? (Yes…I will start going to bed earlier.)
  1. Do TV, Social Media, or video games eat up big portions of my time?
  1. Do I waste a lot of time on a phone?
  1. Do I complete ALL my homework and chores before I do other things?
  1. Are there other things not listed that take up my time?

Now you have a plan! Make a new schedule and use that timer.

Remember to use your time wisely…it’s all the time you’ve got

Isabel and Mike Adams