A Hedge Against The COVID-19 Achievement Gap

Brave Enough To Fail is a student-focused educational nonprofit that provides free motivational presentations, scholarships, and other resources to high school students.

Our mission is to cultivate a new generation of leaders, creators, and achievers by raising student achievement and inspiring young people with the courage to pursue their dreams.

Our focus is closing the achievement and opportunity gaps between traditionally underserved, low-income, minority population students and their more affluent peers.  

We are fighting for the underdog, young people that are showing signs of disengagement and disconnection in high school. A population of youth who, in the face of this unprecedented pandemic, will need support and inspiration even more than ever.

When schools reopen, educators will need every tool possible in order to re-engage, inspire, and motivate students to invest themselves in their own education. Brave Enough To Fail is determined to be there to help.

Why This Is Important Now

Here is a quote from and op-ed published by Educational Results Partnership on May 5, 2020.

“Students in grades K-12 who lack the essentials at home to master online education are falling further behind their more affluent peers. If the impact of lost learning among these students is not properly mitigated, achievement gaps that have existed for decades will only get worse.

And, if this happens, an entire cohort of students could also fail to attain the skills employers need to create a productive economy. Economic success today, and even more so in the future, will require well-educated workers who have mastered a range of cognitive and analytical skills, as well as social and communicative ones, in the K-12 years.

If an entire cohort of students fails to attain these skills, the losses will be felt not only by them but by the overall economy. Major and costly social dislocations, such as rising crime and poorer health, might also occur under these circumstances.”

There are others sounding the warning as well

“Because of the COVID -19 crisis, achievement gaps between disadvantaged students and their more affluent classmates will almost certainly be wider than they’ve been in years.” Los Angeles Times Editorial Board April 2 2020   

“The disruption of schooling during the pandemic will have disparate effects across the socio-economic ladder. The achievement gap between children from poorer and richer families is bound to rise as long as school closures continue.” Matthias Doepke, Ph.D., and Fabrizio Zilibotti, Ph.D Psychology Today April 1 2020

The Achievement Gap Is ‘More Glaring Than Ever’ for Students Dealing With School Closures Time.com March 26 2020

The experts agree, this current crisis will generate long-term costs to the education of our youth and the training of our future workforce.

Brave Enough To Fail is committed to reaching as many schools and students as possible to help students become re-engaged, inspired, and motivated.

When we get to the other side of this current crisis, and we will, many of our poor and minority students in underserved communities are going to face an even steeper uphill climb to succeed in school and beyond. With your help, we will be there to remind our students that they are worth the effort

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Wayne Winsley, founder and CEO of Brave Enough To Fail is a middle school history teacher, former radio broadcaster, and multiple-award winning motivational keynote speaker.

wayne@braveenoughtofail.org @waynewinsley @betf