Why I Embrace CRT by Wayne Winsley

Wayne Winsley, Founder and CEO of Brave Enough To Fail

I’ve been a middle school history teacher for the past nine years and have presented as a student motivational speaker at over 300 schools and colleges nationwide.

Based on first-hand knowledge, my fellow educators around the country are desperate for anything that will get more students to invest themselves in their own education, especially at the middle and high school levels.

The reality though, is that there isn’t a program out there that can make your child study is he or she flat out doesn’t want to.

Disillusioned, disengaged, and dispirited youth need a compelling reason why they should bother putting in the hard work necessary to achieve success in school and beyond. Especially in a world where they are being told over and over that they are either a perpetual victim or descendant of an epic villain.

By offering students a compelling reason to pursue excellence, I’ve been embracing a philosophy and strategy of CRT for years. Constantly Reaching Teens.

Constantly Reaching Teens to inspire them to pursue their dreams because each child is unique, priceless, and endowed by their creator with dreams and a destiny that only they can achieve, if they are brave enough to risk failure and pursue it and have the perseverance to stick with it.

Constantly Reaching Teens to remind them that America is still the land of opportunity where no matter your background, skin color, or circumstances you can achieve greatness through a combination of education, bravery, and determination.

Constantly Reaching Teens to let them know that their dreams are the future of America.

Each student that graduates from school with a strong sense of individual purpose, a belief in their freedom to pursue that purpose, and the courage to get after it and stay after it, will not only make their lives better but will also make our communities better and our nation stronger.

This is what I choose to dedicate the rest of my life towards because I am living proof that on a given day, a positive message can indeed change the trajectory of a child’s life. Brave Enough To Fail was founded as a vehicle to deliver that positive message and back it up with action.

The mission of Brave Enough To Fail is inspiring students, and providing them with educational resources, and financial aid to help students be more successful in school and beyond.

Since 2015 we have reached over 20,000 students and awarded over $60,000 in scholarships to help students attend college or trade school. Our BOSS Academy course has become a much sought after elective, after-school, and summer program.

Brave Enough To Fail has received requests for its services from schools and school districts spanning 26 states.

If you would like to help us to grow and inspire more students, I ask you to please make a donation of whatever you can by clicking the link below. and I thank you so much.



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