Adolf Krueger Co. Donates $500 to Brave Enough To Fail

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The Adolf Krueger Company has donated $500 toward Brave Enough To Fail’s student motivational programs and scholarships.

Company owner Ken Krueger says,

“Myself and the Krueger family have been strongly involved with anything to help the community, and Brave Enough To Fail is a great organization and we are happy to donate.”

Brave enough To Fail is a 501 C 3 nonprofit that provides free motivational programs and scholarships to high schools.

The mission is to cultivate a new generation of leaders, creators, and achievers by inspiring students with the courage to pursue their dreams, and to invest themselves in their own education as a way to get what they want from life.
 Average attendance ranges between three hundred and 800 students at any given presentation.

Since 2016 BETF has impacted over 12,000 students nationwide and awarded $20,000 in scholarships with awardees attending great colleges nationwide including Yale University, Oral Roberts University, and University of Connecticut.

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Sarah Tehuitoa Wins $1,000 Grand Prize in Nationwide Short Story Contest

Sarah T Winner pic


Sarah Tehuitoa is a 21 year old English major from Pahrump Nevada, commutes weekly to classes at University of Las Vegas.  She is working her way through college by working at a grocery store. She entered the contest on her 21st birthday. Sarah says,

“All I have ever wanted to be is a writer. It’s been my dream ever since I was little, and I haven’t been able to give it up so far. Books and music are my passion, but if I had to chose between the two, I wouldn’t ever be able to give up my writing. So far, it’s been a rough road. I mean, I’ve had a great life so far, no problems whatsoever, but it’s not exactly been easy for me having a dream that doesn’t exactly have a stable future. My parents are always telling me to make sure that I have a job that I can support myself in, but I’ve always equated that with having something like an office job because my dream is not exactly steady. But now, well, I think I have a chance.”

She most definitely has more than just a chance according to contest judge Ethan Carey, host of the Rock & Roll Morning Show on WRKI I-95FM.  He says Miss Tehuitoa’s writing style reminds him of James Patterson or Daniel Silva.

Her short story, “The Sands of Time” is a gritty (pun intended) tale of love, loss, despair, and just maybe a shot at redemption with a dash of magic thrown in as a tantalizing garnish. That recipe was just enough to get a one vote edge on the second place finisher and claim the $1,000 grand prize in the 18 years and older category of the Brave Enough To Write, short story contest which benefits Brave Enough To Fail Inc. a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit that provides free motivational programs and scholarships to high schools. Learn more about Brave Enough to Fail here  and Subscribe to our newsletter to get early word on the next contest!

Read The Sands of Time here The_Sands_of_Time_by_Sarah Tehuiotoa

BETF Person Of Courage Tarick Walton


Walto group Logo


“Do not let the world dampen your dreams.”

Those words are the motto of a poor Jamaican boy who grew up with a dream of public service.

At age twelve, Tarick Walton  saw the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the top engineering school on a list of the top colleges in America. He immediately fixed attending MIT as a goal in his mind.

Despite his humble beginnings and through all of the adversities and challenges he faced along the way, Tarick never wavered from his goal. He never gave up on his dream.

Today, Tarick is an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) trained problem solver, a Georgetown University educated business leader and a globally inspired artist who aspires to inspire, mentor and motivate youth at all stages of the educational spectrum to pursue big dreams in Science and Arts.

Click the video for Tarick’s valuable tips for you to accomplish your goals!

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Please give to Brave Enough To Fail.

Our mission is raising student achievement by inspiring kids to achieve their dreams

We provide free motivational programs and scholarships to in-need high schools.

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Give A Child A Brighter Future This Christmas


Merry and Bright

This Christmas season, you can give a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Your donation can help spark a student with the courage and motivation to invest him or her self in their own education. That investment will make a positive impact on the student’s life, their community, and our society.

Year End Fundraiser

“I will take school much more seriously so I can pursue my dreams.”
Jewel, Harding High School Bridgeport CT.
The Brave Enough To Fail Program has made a profound impact on the lives of students at several High Schools throughout Connecticut and New Jersey and as far away as St. Mary’s West Virginia.

Here locally, Students from A.I. Tech in Hartford, Hillhouse in New Haven, Harding in Bridgeport, and Piscataway High in New Jersey have been inspired to reach for their dreams, and motivated to invest themselves in their own education, as a way to get what THEY want out of life.

Brave Enough to Fail Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit, student motivational program that, with your support, empowers young people to realize their dreams and full potential through educational achievement, courage, and hard work.

Schools targeted to receive the program in 2016 include Westhill High in Stamford, Bethel High School, and Newington High School.

Your generous donation will:

  • Inspire and motivate students to do well in school
  • Expose students to various college and career options
  • Encourage students towards healthy and positive lives
  • Help students to create viable life plans and make good decisions
  • Fund college and tech school scholarships for students at participating high schools

Please consider making your first gift to Brave Enough To Fail this holiday season.

It will make the difference in helping us touch the lives of thousands of young people in 2016.
Thanks to your gift and others like it, Brave Enough To Fail is well on the way to becoming the #1 student motivational program in America.

Or mail your check to:
Brave Enough To Fail Inc.
32 Aspetuck Village New Milford CT 06776


Thank you so very much for your generosity and support 

Wayne Winsley
Founder & President,
Brave Enough To Fail Inc.


You’ve got to Pay to Ride the Road to Success

Shark pic


The Great White Shark is the most feared predator on the planet. It relentlessly prowls the waters, hunting where it will and in fear of nothing for it has no natural challenger save the Orca.

However, to be successful, the great white shark must do one thing. It must keep moving forward at all times. If this particular shark stands still, it becomes just another drowned carcass swallowed up by the vast ocean and fed upon by others.

Successful people across the board share this shark-like trait. They keep moving forward, they are diligent, they don’t give up and they work as hard and as long as necessary to reach their goal. they learn from their failures but they don’t live in them. They refuse to drown in mediocrity.

Everyone wants to be successful, and if it were easy, everyone would be. But it’s not easy and therefore, too many are not.

Life will inevitably throw obstacles in path, adversity will strike and circumstance will conspire against you.

Look around you, there are plenty of talented and gifted people who failed to reach their full potential because for them, the price was too high, it was too hard, it took too long so they gave up the fight. Quite often, it is not talent that makes the difference but perseverance.

Be the shark, keep moving forward. Your dreams, your goals, your success is worth fighting for.


The road to success is a toll road and that toll of diligence and hard work, MUST be paid.There is no shortcut around hard work and diligence.

You were born to accomplish great things. Don’t drown in the sea of mediocrity. Keep moving forward toward your destiny.


You can help pave the way to success for the next generation.

Every dollar you give to Brave Enough to Fail helps to inspire a young person.



About the author

Wayne Winsley is an award winning  motivational Keynote Speaker who has been inspiring others for over a decade. He is the founder and President of Brave Enough To Fail.



Vision is great but have a PLAN as well


If you can see it, you can be it.

This is true, but its not the whole truth.

You need a plan for turning your vision into reality.

If you haven’t done so already, formulate your plan of action and write it down. don’t keep it filed away in your head. Keep your plan in a place where you can see it everyday and use it, because…

Write your plan

Committing your vision to paper in the form of a plan also helps build the courage and resolve that are required in order to be persistent in working toward your goal, whatever it is.despite the inevitable obstacles and failures along the way.

Having all the right tools for success is worthless if fear of failure keeps you from using them.

So, don’t let your vision drift away as a daydream. Make a detailed plan of how you will bring your vision to life, write it down and then WORK your plan diligently and courageously and watch the sparks fly.

Brave Enough To Fail inspires young people with the courage and preparation to activate their dreams, goals, gifts, and talents.

Your generous donations help launch the dreams of the next generation.


About the author

Wayne Winsley is an award winning  motivational Keynote Speaker who has been inspiring others for over a decade. He is the founder and President of Brave Enough To Fail.

Know Your Dream THEN Follow It

Finding your Dream

Follow your dream.  A simple instruction that is much easier said than done. And it is impossible to do if aren’t sure exactly what dream you’re supposed to be following.

How do you figure out what your dream, your destiny is?

Start by looking inward and asking yourself some questions.

What makes you…


What is that thing that you love to do?

You’d be willing to do it every day for no money. (But you’ll take it of course)


What is that problem that gets under your skin like no other and that you would love to solve?
Henry Ford was angered at the idea that it was impossible to mass produce an internal combustion engine.


What is the issue or thing that you are so passionate about that it can bring you to tears?                                                                                                                 Nancy Goodman Brinker lost a beloved sister, but the world gained the Susan G. Komen For The cure Foundation.

What are you gifted to do?  What do you do best?

What is that thing that, when you do it, it brings out the very best in you?


I welcome your comments and invite you to share your dreams.

Lets inspire one another.

And remember….

There’s No Shortcut Past Hard Work

Road 2 Success

There is no shortcut around hard work.
Actually. There are plenty of shortcuts around hard work and people choose to take them all the time.
However,there are no shortcuts around hard work that lead to success.
Just ask the average successful starting entrepreneur, who according to Princeton Review, works about seventy hours a week.
I learned this lesson the hard way.While building my own syndicated radio network, I worked really hard at finding a shortcut around the grunt work of making advertising sales calls. I didn’t just fail, I failed miserably and expensively.
It wasn’t until I stopped looking for shortcuts that I found the right path.
Your dream isn’t going to materialize on its on, you’ve got to work it into reality, and that work is hard.
There is a popular saying, “If it was that easy, everyone would do it.”
I prefer,

Anyone can do it

Don’t Buy the Lie

Push Past the lie

In order to achieve our dream, we must first, truly believe in our dream.

Right in the middle of the word BELIEVE, is the word LIE.

The lie is what stands between us and the courage to have faith in, and commit to our dream. The lie tells us that we can’t do it, that the cost is too high, that we are too old, and one of the most powerful lies of all…that we will fail.

In my opinion, one of the biggest lies of all that society drills into us is that..”To fail is bad.”

Fear of failure is the destroyer of more dreams that anything else I can think of.

In order for us to overcome fear of failure and push past that lie, we must first understand the true meaning of the the “F” word and what it stands for. The word FAIL is simply an acronym for…


I welcome your comments and invite you to share your dreams.

Lets inspire one another.

You Are Not Too…

You are not too...

There was nothing particularly special about me as a child, meaning that I didn’t have a whole lot of advantages.

I was raised by a single woman, my great-grandmother, mostly in the housing projects of inner city Cleveland Ohio, until age 12, when my great-grandmother could no longer care for me. Then I entered the child welfare system.

Statistically speaking, I was too street-hardened to be reached and redeemed, too uneducated to graduate from poverty, and too poor to buy my way out of my circumstances. On paper, I was just too disadvantaged to succeed at anything.

Like I said, there was nothing particularly special about me…except for one thing. Like every person on Earth, I was born with a gift and a destiny that only I can fulfill.

How I traveled from there to here, is a story for a longer book. But I will say this. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was equipped at birth with all the tools needed for my journey, but it was not until I found the courage to use those tools that they began to work for me.

Today, my mission is to inspire others with the courage to discover and use their gifts and talents, and to achieve their goals and destinies.

What you wer born to do

It is not too late and you are not too anything to be great.

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