David Moore Takes 2nd Nationwide in Short Story Contest


David Moore

David Moore of St. Charles Missouri is a darn good writer! Let’s get that right up front!

In fact, David Moore is such a good writer that he came within one single vote of winning the $1,000 top prize in the 18 years old and over category of the Brave Enough To Write, short story contest which benefits Brave Enough To Fail Inc. a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit that provides free motivational programs and scholarships to high schools. learn more about Brave Enough to Fail here  and Subscribe to our newsletter to get early word on the next contest!

“Love, Life, and Bacon” is a really cool story about…well, Love Life and Bacon, but not in the way you think. To say any more would spoil it for you.

Just read it Here! Love_Life_And_Bacon

And by the way, David’s personal story is so compelling and inspiring that we posted it in it’s entirety below. Read it and be inspired to go after your dream, whatever it is!

My early education was, in the simplest of terms, lacking.

Before I had changed schools, I had been in a less than reputable school closer to the St. Louis area. The school had been so bad that when I had entered the second-grade in my new school I was behind and had to attend a special class that was meant to help me learn to read and write on the same level as the other students in my grade. Through these special education classes, I was able to become a better reader but was never quite able to get on the same level of the other students in my same grade. This was a problem that followed me out of elementary school and led to me being required to attend more special education classes through middle school and into high school.

It was in these classes that I found a passion for writing. We would write little stories which were intended to help us gain a better understanding of how sentences were structured as well as introduce us to new words. Writing these short stories had always been one of my favorite exercises but having as much trouble as I had with reading and writing a career as an author seemed absurd. The short stories I had written were never intended to get me anywhere. They were simply something I did because I liked to do it. In fact, the idea of being a professional writer was so far out of my mind that in my entire academic career I have only ever had one creative writing course that I attended my senior year of high school. The only other writing courses I had ever had were those that came as general credit courses in college. (English comp, Technical writing, etc.) But, even with the idea of being a writer far from my mind I never stopped writing. Short stories and half-finished novels of distant worlds, medieval towns under siege, and many other tales of woe and triumph. They were always for fun and always just for me.

It was many years later while I was working as a marketing designer and listening to the Harry Potter audio book series (for the fourth time) that I found a sudden burning inspiration in me. I felt for some strange and unknowable reason like I could be a writer if I really wanted to. So, I began writing again but with more intent and more passion for being a writer, not just as a hobby. I am now wrapping up the final edits to my first novel, which will be book one of a three to four book series that I hope will be my path to a career as an author.

Having a career as an author isn’t just for me. It’s something that I hope to be able to show my daughter when she gets older. Something I can hold up and say “Look I followed my dream. I worked for it and it came true.” and maybe, if I’m very lucky, I can one day inspire her as much as she inspires me to keep going every day.

By David Moore


An Inspirational Approach to the Achievement Gap

Bartlet High Webster Mass

Closing the education achievement gap is tough.

New results from the nation’s most widely used college admission test highlight in detailed fashion the persistent achievement gaps between students who face disadvantages and those who don’t.

Scores from the ACT show that just 9 percent of students in the class of 2017 who came from low-income families, whose parents did not go to college, and who identify as black, Hispanic, American Indian or Pacific Islander are strongly ready for college.

But the readiness rate for students with none of those demographic characteristics was six times as high, 54 percent, according to The Washington Post Thursday September 8th 2017.

There are a lot of great people working very hard to narrow this huge gap from the policy, administrative, and teacher side of the spectrum.

But Wayne Winsley, a middle school history teacher who also happens to be a multiple award-winning motivational speaker is taking a different approach. He is working at the student level, using inspiration and motivation to increase student achievement.

His nonprofit organization Brave Enough To Fail Inc. provides free motivational programs and scholarships to high schools.

Winsley explains why he does it,

“At age 14, I was living in an orphanage in Cleveland Ohio, had failed eighth grade the previous year, and basically given up on school. I was a poor black kid who, the experts would say,  had given up on my future and was too set in my ways to be motivated to change. I was destined for one of two places, behind bars or dead.

One day, a friend of mine’s dad was disappointed with his report card and began to lecture him. Without intending to, without even realizing that I was in the room, his dad said the words that changed my life forever.

Always strive for excellence no matter what you do. Excellence will overcome, poverty, prejudice, and adversity every time. Just be excellent at whatever you choose to do.”

That simple message motivated me to make the choice that saved my life.

I chose to go back to school and do the absolute best I could. Because of that choice, I didn’t wind up behind bars or dead. I know first hand that a message can change a child’s life. 

That is why I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to delivering a message of inspiration and motivation to as many young people as possible by providing free motivational programs to high schools.”

Natasha Ushomirsky, a policy development director for the Education Trust, a nonprofit that advocates for disadvantaged students, told the Washington Post,  “There’s a lot of power in communicating the expectation that all students can achieve at high levels,”

Research, by the Dalio Foundation of Connecticut, shows that disengaged students who are re-engaged and motivated during the first two years of high school are nearly twice as likely to graduate than students who remain disengaged. See the report here.

Schools across the nation agree about the power of a positive message and are reaching out to request the program. Currently Brave Enough To Fail has requests for the 2017-2018 school year from schools in thirteen states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey,  Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, and Alaska.

Contact Wayne Winsley  wayne@BraveEnoughToFail.org     Twitter @WayneWinsley  Facebook




BETF Person of Courage: Lisa Lynn

lisa-lynn             home-button

Lisa Lynn used belief and desire to overcome her personal struggle to become healthy and fit. Overcoming that adversity led to a thriving business.

The spirit of LynFIT

Lisa had the courage to set goals and the determination to stick to those goals.

The result is LynFit Nutrition.  now She was successful not because she had a lot of money or fancy tricks but because she believed in what she was doing and out of her burning desire to help others who struggled with their weight and are plagued with low self esteem that negatively affects every area of their lives .

The secret to Lynn’s success began  with a personal struggle to become healthy & fit and to overcome a battle with her weight.

“My struggles have taught me that we can do anything and that any thing is possible .

We don’t have to stay stuck we can become anything we want to be and do anything we set our minds to without limitation and it all starts with the dream in our hearts .”

LynFIT is built & based on this life changing  transformation principal.

Transformation means xxxxx

And it starts inside of us

“My company is not a nameless faceless organization

My entire business /LynFIT is  run by real people who have their own hopes and dreams and we all believe that we are all here for a reason .

My personal mission is to help as many people as humanly possible become healthier and live happier lives one pound at a time one day at a time .

My dream is to do great things for people and  make reaching their fitness & weight loss goals faster and easier by removing the obstacles that stop them.

I am relentlessly determined  to make the healthiest best tasting products that taste so delicious that  they replace the cravings for the wrong foods with a healthier alternative .”

Lisa Lynn had the courage to risk failure in pursuit of her dreams and goals.

Lisa Lynn is now one of the nation’s elite trainers and performance nutrition specialists.

Lynn’s motto:

Believe … begin … become.


Follow Lisa Lynn on Twitter @lisalynnfitness


The mission of Brave Enough to Fail is to inspire young people with the courage to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

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The Brave Enough To Fail Program has made a profound impact on the lives of students at several High Schools throughout Connecticut and New Jersey and as far away as St. Mary’s West Virginia.
Here locally, Students from A.I. Tech in Hartford, Hillhouse in New Haven, Harding in Bridgeport, and Piscataway High in New Jersey have been inspired to reach for their dreams, and motivated to invest themselves in their own education, as a way to get what THEY want out of life.

Brave Enough to Fail Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit, student motivational program that, with your support, empowers young people to realize their dreams and full potential through educational achievement, courage, and hard work.

Schools targeted to receive the program in 2016 include Westhill High in Stamford, Bethel High School, and Newington High School.

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Dunkin Donuts Joins 5K Push-Ups in 30 Days to #InspireKids to Achieve Greatness



A great big THANK YOU!! to the 14 Dunkin Donuts in the greater Danbury Ct and Brewster NY areas that are supporting and hosting 5K Push-Ups in 30 Days to #InspireKids.

America runs on Dunkin. Our future runs on our Children. Our Children run on Inspiration.

That is why our local Dunkin Donuts  are supporting Brave Enough To Fail in our effort to inspire and motivate our youth with the courage and preparation to follow and achieve their dreams.

Brave Enough to Fail Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit, student motivational program that ,with your support, empowers young people to realize their dreams and full potential through educational achievement, courage, and hard work.The program provides a launch-pad towards success with motivational presentations, exposure to educational and career opportunities, and academic scholarships. The goal is to cultivate a generation of competent, self-assured, young people who have the tools to succeed.

By donating to Brave Enough to Fail, You strengthen our communities, you strengthen our state, and you strengthen our nation, by empowering our youth.

Please help #InspireKids today by making a donation. Thank you so much.


2,700 push-ups done and only 2,300 to go!

1,600 Toward 5K Push-Ups in 30 Days @ Stop & Shop & Dunkin Donuts LOL!

IMG_3555 (1)


For this set of 100, I did push-ups in the local Stop &  Shop, two different Dunkin Donuts locations and next to my Cleveland Browns PillowPet.

Brave Enough To Fail is on a MISSION  to MOTIVATE!

Motivate as many of our young people as possible.

As founder and president of BETF, it is up to me to get the ball rolling.

So, during the month of October I will be doing 5,000 push-ups in 30 days to help motivate and empower young people to realize their dreams and full potential. I’ll be doing my push-ups  at different locations. The goal is to raise funds and awareness for BraveEnoughToFail.org

Please join us and let’s #InspireKids to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.



Know Your Dream THEN Follow It

Finding your Dream

Follow your dream.  A simple instruction that is much easier said than done. And it is impossible to do if aren’t sure exactly what dream you’re supposed to be following.

How do you figure out what your dream, your destiny is?

Start by looking inward and asking yourself some questions.

What makes you…


What is that thing that you love to do?

You’d be willing to do it every day for no money. (But you’ll take it of course)


What is that problem that gets under your skin like no other and that you would love to solve?
Henry Ford was angered at the idea that it was impossible to mass produce an internal combustion engine.


What is the issue or thing that you are so passionate about that it can bring you to tears?                                                                                                                 Nancy Goodman Brinker lost a beloved sister, but the world gained the Susan G. Komen For The cure Foundation.

What are you gifted to do?  What do you do best?

What is that thing that, when you do it, it brings out the very best in you?


I welcome your comments and invite you to share your dreams.

Lets inspire one another.


And remember….