The College of Westchester Partners With Brave Enough To Fail

Brave Enough To Fail and The College of Westchester are extremely pleased to announce that they have joined forces to help cultivate a new generation of leaders, creators, and achievers.

The College of Westchester will provide up to ten $1,000 scholarships per year which Brave Enough To Fail will make available to students at schools that it serves.

The scholarships will be renewable as long as awardees remain full-time students in good standing. The first scholarships are available for the current school year and will be awarded in June 2019.

The College of Westchester offers several degree programs in Business, Health Professions, and Information Technology.

Robert Onorato, Dean of Online Education at The College of Westchester said,

“The College of Westchester is proud and happy to be working with Brave Enough to Fail and the students that BETF works with.   We look forward to a successful relationship.”

Wayne Winsley, Executive Director of Brave Enough To Fail says,

“I’m honored and humbled to have the support of such a great institution as The College of Westchester. Together we are going to help place even more young people on the path to success.”

Brave Enough To Fail is a nonprofit student motivational program geared toward helping students succeed in school and beyond by inspiring courage and providing scholarships and other resources. 


Sowing Seeds Of Success


Success pic


A garden is a wonderful thing. It’s a labor of love from seed time to harvest but the end results are worth it! There’s nothing quite like sitting down in summer for a meal with a truly crisp, straight out of the ground fresh salad.

The wonderful aroma of sautéed veggies fills the air during barbeques and people are wiping the juice of a watermelon you grew off their smiling faces. It’s a satisfying thing to know that others are eating well because of the labor of you invested!

The decision to grow your own food poses many questions such as:
How do I plant a vegetable garden? Where should I plant it? When is the best time to plant? How much sun does my garden need? Which vegetables grow well together? And of course…where did all these bugs and pests come from? I never had single one of these around my house until I started sowing seed!

I’d like you to join me on my journey of growing my garden this summer because along the way I’ll share some gardening tips along with valuable lessons about success. Our lives are much like a garden and as you follow this series you’ll see what I mean. Principles for succeeding in life are all around us and I’m going to help you find those hidden gems. I’ll give you an example…Look closely at the paragraph above this one and see if you can find 6 principles a garden can teach you about success.

Did you see them? Look closely! I’ll give you the first one..

How do I plant a vegetable garden? The principle –
A plan. Knowledge helps you grow…or as I like to phrase it know-how gives you grow-how…oh wow…I better stop now!

Doing some research, reading, and reviewing some video on gardens will help you get greater results for the effort you put in. Learn those basics and then apply them…just like in life…


Knowledge Is The Foundation To The Life You Want To Build.


It will give you confidence. Let me explain.
I was never confident speaking about a subject that I didn’t know a lot about, BUT…get a topic that I did know a lot about and it was on! I spoke with confidence because of that knowledge.

In fact, the more I learned…the more I discovered about myself. My view of life began to change. I discovered something a lot of people live without – purpose.

I realized that knowledge is powerful and will raise you up to places that you’ll only dream of reaching if you don’t apply yourself.

Is the same true with you?

Plan Your Work…and Work Your Plan

As I thought about what I wanted to grow in my garden I decided that I needed to draw it out on paper. I wanted to have an idea what the end result will look like (and help me remember what I planted where)!

Setting goals and then breaking them down into smaller steps on paper always helps me stay focused and moving forward.

How about you?

If you want to be better at basketball you don’t sit around hoping it will happen do you? No, you study plays. You watch film. You train, and train, and train till every muscle in your body hurts…and then you train some more!

You don’t become an amazing pianist by sitting down at one do you? No, that’s only the first step. You have to learn how to read music. Listen to different techniques, get yourself a teacher if you can, and then practice, practice, practice until your fingers feel like they tied together…and then do it again!

The end result will be amazing!

Right now, you have the ability to achieve anything you desire to. You’re not just a game changer…NO!
You’re a world changer!

Research! Read! Learn all you can! Your future is the sum of the decisions that you make…choose to invest in your education! Knowledge Is Power!


I have much to share in the days and weeks ahead so stay on the lookout for the next post. I want you to succeed but I must ask you…Are you Brave Enough To Grow?!

Sowing seeds for your success,

Wayne Winsley

Brave Enough To Fail Awards $2,000 in Scholarships to Faith Preparatory School



Brave Enough To Fail has added yet another “Brave” school to it’s growing ranks.  Students at Faith Preparatory School in New Milford Connecticut received a big dose of motivation and inspiration to “Be The Boss of Their Dreams” along with some scholarship money help launch them toward success.

Jaclyn Mattison, principal of Faith Preparatory School said,

“We could not be prouder to be a Brave Enough To Fail school. We are beyond blessed to have this program and the scholarships made available to our students.”

New Milford based nonprofit provides motivational presentations and scholarships to schools nationwide at no cost to schools or students.  It is being called a new and innovative way to help narrow the student achievement gap.

Wayne Winsley, executive director of BETF says,

“A positive message can change the trajectory of a child’s life. I’m living proof of that, and its why this organization exists. To change children’s lives for the better.” 

A one thousand dollar scholarship will be awarded to a member of this year’s senior class and a second one thousand dollar scholarship has been designated for a member of next year’s senior class.

The Scholarships, which are paid toward expenses at any accredited college or trade school, are awarded based on financial need, grade point average and other criteria.

Please make a donation today. Support our mission to raise student achievement by inspiring kids with the courage to believe and trust in themselves.

Union Savings Bank Invests in New Effort to Narrow Achievement Gap

Bank promo


Union Savings Bank of Danbury has granted $6,500 in funding for a Brave Enough To Fail program and five $1,000 scholarships for Danbury High School.

The audience will be approximately 600 seniors who will not only get a big dose of motivation to pursue their dreams but also have someone actually sow into their dreams with resources to help them get started.

The mission of Brave Enough To Fail is to help students get better grades in school by inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

Wayne Winsley, founder and executive director of Brave Enough To Fail says,

“We are attacking the education achievement gap by working directly at the student level.” 

The event is April 12th at 9:30AM at Danbury high School in Danbury Connecticut.
Media is invited to attend.
To learn more about bringing the Brave Enough To Fail program and scholarships to your school Click Here

Nonprofits Team up To Motivate Students

Presser Shot

Brave Enough To Fail and Kiwanis Club Foundation of Greater Danbury are extremely pleased to announce our new partnership.

The two organizations will work together in providing motivational programming and scholarships to area high schools.

Area Key Clubs will be invited to sponsor BETF presentations at high schools in Danbury, Bethel, New Milford, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Redding, and Ridgefield.

Danbury Kiwanis Club President Matt Bartelme commented,

“We are definitely excited about this opportunity to work with Brave Enough To Fail. They are another nonprofit that is as passionate as we are about enriching the lives of children to build stronger communities.

Wayne Winsley, executive director of Brave Enough To Fail says,

“I’m honored and humbled to have the support of such a great organization as Kiwanis of Danbury. This partnership will strengthen our ability to raise student achievement and promote leadership through service.”

Kiwanis member Foster Crawford, a former assistant superintendent of schools in Waterbury and Stamford indicated that,

“Brave Enough To Fail is an excellent motivational tool to help students believe in themselves and to set and achieve high personal goals.

The goal is to begin presentations and award the first scholarships this school year.

to learn how your Kiwanis and Key Leader Clubs can work with us in your area contact:

Wayne Winsley

Learn more by clicking the link

How To Develop Your Next Generation Employee


We believe that there are companies that would gladly support a motivational program that inspires and challenges students in their hometowns and that points them to possible careers in local industry and manufacturing IF they knew the program existed.

We are doing just that, and invite you to join us.

Brave Enough To Fail Inc, is a 501 ( C ) 3 nonprofit. Our mission is to raise student achievement by providing free motivational presentations and scholarships to schools nationwide, and then point those inspired and motivated young people toward rewarding careers at great companies like yours.

Contact me, Wayne Winsley, Executive Director of Brave Enough To Fail inc. to learn how your company can help develop tomorrow’s workforce today by sponsoring scholarships, materials, and school presentations.

This article was written by Peter G. Martin, Ph.D., vice president, business value solutions, Schneider Electric.

There has been considerable discussion of late about the mass retirements of baby boomers from the industrial workforce and the lack of appropriate talent to fill the gap. Many baby boomers believe that the younger generation—the millennial generation—is not up to the task and that young people have no interest in taking on the challenges. I believe the millennials are up to the task, but unfortunately I have to agree that they do not appear to have the interest.

I have noticed some very positive attributes of the millennials that align with the requirements of industry. They tend to be very altruistic. They are as technically savvy as any generation ever has been. They tend to like collaboration and are very comfortable with social media. All of these attributes are exactly what is needed in industry at this point in time. It is up to the soon-retiring workforce to recognize and capitalize on these attributes as the younger generation is assimilated into the industrial workforce.

The challenge of the lack of interest in industrial careers by millennials is much more daunting. Members of the younger generation who have a competency in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) seem to have a negative perspective of careers in industry. They see industrial careers as undesirable, dirty, and lower-tech and would much rather pursue careers in video-game software development.

Perhaps the solution to this challenge is focusing on the “altruistic attribute” of millennials. Millennials seem to desire careers that truly have a positive impact on the world. Industrial production is the key to solving many of the most challenging problems humankind is facing. It is through industry and industrial automation that world problems regarding energy, clean water, hunger, housing, and health can be improved and—in some cases—solved. What young idealistic person would not want to be part of that? Additionally, although in the past a number of industrial practices negatively affected the environment, today industry is seriously taking on the challenge and succeeding at cleaning the environment. It is up to us, those currently engaged in industrial careers, to start reaching out to millennials to share our accomplishments and the improvement potential.

With the effective use of automation technologies over the past three decades, careers in industry and industrial automation are as high-technology as any in the world. And the technology deployed in industry does real work to improve the condition of the world. Additionally, most industrial work environments are considerably nicer than young students believe, and with the further application of technology these environments will continue improving.

Engineers, as a group, tend to be among the most self-critical people I know. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in daily challenges that we forget to take a step back and look at the importance of what we have done and continue to do. Engineers are problem solvers. We have taken on some of the biggest problems society has encountered and developed very effective and clever solutions. We need to remember and communicate our contributions to the millennial generation. We must get them to understand the importance of what we do, so they will join us and produce even greater outcomes.

ISA; the Automation Federation; the Measurement, Control and Automation Association (MCAA); and others have joined to lead the effort of educating young students about the value of careers in industry and industrial automation. In fact, MCAA recently developed some videos to distribute to colleges and high schools across the globe with the intention of encouraging students to consider industrial careers. These are on the MCAA website. We need to continue and advance the great progress that has been realized, but can only accomplish if the most talented STEM students coming through the school system join the cause. Let’s start talking up what we have done, what we continue to do, and what the next generation of industrial automation professionals have the potential to accomplish. Humankind is depending on us.

About the Author
Peter G. Martin, Ph.D., is vice president of business value solutions for Schneider Electric. He holds multiple patents, including patents for dynamic performance measures, real-time activity-based costing, closed-loop business control, and asset and resource modeling. He authored or co-authored four books, most recently The Value of Automation. Martin received an ISA Life Achievement Award.

A version of this article originally was published at InTech magazine.

Contact Wayne Winsley, Executive Director of Brave Enough To Fail inc. to learn how your company can help develop tomorrow’s workforce today.




Poor, Black, & Unreachable At 14

By Wayne Winsley

Founder & Executive Director of Brave Enough To Fail Inc.

At age 14, I was living in an orphanage in Cleveland Ohio, had failed eighth grade the previous year, and basically given up on school. I was a poor black kid who, the experts would say,  had given up on my future and was too set in my ways to be motivated to change. I was destined for one of two places, behind bars or dead.

One day, a friend of mine’s dad was disappointed with his report card and began to lecture him. Without intending to, without even realizing that I was in the room, his dad said the words that changed my life forever.

Always strive for excellence no matter what you do. Excellence will overcome, poverty, prejudice, and adversity every time. Just be excellent at whatever you choose to do.”

That simple message motivated me to make the choice that saved my life.

I chose to go back to school and do the absolute best I could. Because of that choice, I didn’t wind up behind bars or dead. Instead I went on to serve my country honorably in the United States Navy which honed my discipline, self-confidence, and work ethic. Those tools gave me the courage to pursue my dream of being a standup comic which in turn led to a two decade career as a radio broadcaster.  The communication skills I developed over that time prepared me to become what I am today, a teacher, and a multi award-winning motivational speaker 

I know first hand that even without intention, a word can change a child’s life.

That is why I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to delivering a message of inspiration and motivation to as many young people as possible through my organization.

Brave Enough to Fail Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit that provides motivational programs and scholarships to high schools.

The mission is to raise student achievement by inspiring kids with the courage to achieve their dreams and to help students see their education as a way to get what they want from life. To narrow the education achievement gap by focusing on the student end of the equation with a message of courage, hard work, self-discipline, and determination.

High schools nationwide are requesting this message for their students.

This  summer we have received unsolicited requests for the Brave Enough To Fail program, for the 2017-2018 school year, from schools in over ten states. (See the list below)

Rather than saying, “No we can’t help you.” We are taking a leap of faith and committing to raising the funds needed to deliver the message to the thousands of students at these schools that,  Their Dreams Are Important And Achievable!

There are other young people out there who just like I was, are one positive message away from overcoming the poverty, prejudice, and adversity that is standing between them and achieving a better life for themselves.

That is why I am asking the questions,

Is there at least one corporation in this great nation that would like their brand to be known for motivating and inspiring youth across America?

If you are that corporation, please contact us at

Are there fellow citizens willing to sow seeds of success into the youth of our communities? 

If you are that citizen, please make a donation here. 

Partial list of schools that have reached out and requested Brave Enough To Fail

Crest High School, Shelby NC.

Cathedral High School, New York NY.

Urban Assembly of Media Studies, New York NY.  

 Whitestone High School, Delta Junction Alaska

Sultan Sr High, Sultan Washington

Cicely Tyson High, East Orange New Jersey

St. Timothy’s School, Raleigh NC

Briar Woods High School, Ashburn VA.

Ferndale High, Johnstown PA.

Scottsburg High, Scottsburg IN.

Little Rock Arkansas School District

Martin County School District, Stuart Florida

Integrated Arts Academy, Chaska MN.

Frederick Banting School, Ottawa Ontario


Wayne Winsley


Increase Student Engagement & Decrease Student Suspensions

Mission Statement pic

“WHEN TEACHERS DON’T know what to do with unruly students, they sometimes look to the easiest solution they have at hand,” Jason Berkenfeld LAW ’17 said in an interview with The Politic. “Our schools have a problem with how quickly [teachers] turn to severe punishment.”

What is we can help reduce the number of unruly students needing punishment by increasing the number of students who are more likely to be engaged contributors to the class?

Joe Cirasuolo, the Executive Director of the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents and former superintendent in both the Clinton and Wallingford school districts, recently told The Politic that Engaged students learn better.


“Students who are successfully engaged in learning tend to require less discipline. When [students] engage in learning, they don’t misbehave,” he said. “They start to own their own learning, and they thrive on it.”

We agree, and the impact on the overall learning environment is huge.

One disengaged and unmotivated student can become a disruption that negatively impacts the learning experience of the entire class. Leading of course, to possible suspension of the disengaged student who only becomes further removed from the education process.

On the other hand, if that student is is engaged and truly sees his or her education as key to getting what THEY want, the positive impact on the learning experience of the entire class is no less substantial. That positive impact extends into lower suspension rates and higher student achievement scores.

Motivating students with the courage to see their dreams as valuable and worth while, and their education as a way to make those dreams come true can be a very  valuable tool in effort to decrease the number of student suspensions.


About the author

Wayne Winsley is founder and Executive Director of Brave Enough to Fail Inc. which provides motivational programs and scholarships to schools. The mission is raising student achievement by inspiring kids to achieve their dreams.

Source article for this post is here 

Please give. Your donation today could change the destiny of a child. donate-button

Don’t Let CT’s Children Fall into the Gap


“Always Strive for excellence, no matter what you do. Excellence will overcome prejudice, poverty, and adversity every time.”

When I heard those words spoken by the father of my best friend, I was a fourteen year old black kid wandering the streets of Cleveland Ohio. I was a repeat eighth grader who hadn’t attended school regularly for a year. Statistically I was too old to be reachable and was on a one-way path to either a prison cell or a cemetery plot.

But that simple message helped motivate me to make better choices and have the courage to follow my dreams.

I managed to get an education, even in the substandard inner city schools that I attended, and become a productive citizen in the country that I love. After serving in the United States Navy, I enjoyed a fantastic 20 year career as a radio newscaster and talk show host, ran for U.S. Congress, and now I am a teacher inspiring and educating my middle school students.

That is how I know that on any given day the right message, from the right person, can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

That is why I am convinced that we can break the cycles of poor achievement and poverty for many of our young people here in Connecticut.

There are more than 206,000 students in Connecticut public schools who are classified as poor, based on their family’s income level.

“Teachers, principals, superintendents, and others connected to some of the state’s lowest-achieving schools took turns testifying during a recent trial about the trauma and poverty their students face – and the shortage of resources they say they have with which to help.”

We are reaching out help some of those students to help themselves.

“In Bridgeport and Hartford, two of the largest school districts in the state, only a quarter of the students are reading at grade level and half are significantly behind.”

Our mission is to help change those numbers for the better.

The Tauck Family Foundation, a private foundation that invests in the development of children from low-income families in Bridgeport, reports that students in low-performing schools are five times more likely to drop out of high school than those in high-performing schools.

One high school in Stamford has nearly 200 repeat freshmen who are high risk to drop out.

  Our goal is to inspire those students not to give up on themselves.                                           We will be a lifeline of motivation and resources that these students can hold onto over the next four years to help pull themselves out and over their circumstances and fulfill their dreams.

We are also launching leadership programs for students as young as 4th and 5th grade.


Our children can’t wait for the grownups to to get their act together.

The decision of Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell came over 10 years after the case was brought to court in 2005. The appeal could take even longer and after that, the politicians have to fight about exactly how to go about helping the children caught on the wrong side of the achievement gap. How many years will that take?

What about the thousands and thousands of children struggling in our failing schools now?

Far too many of our young people are leaving poor school systems unable to break the cycle of poverty and ending up in prison or in the social services safety net.

You can help change that.

Can our student motivational program save every student? Of course not.

But can it save SOME students by inspiring them with the courage and determination to overcome the odds and succeed even in so-called failing school systems?

The answer is YES!

Is saving the future of even a few of these children worth the effort?  Is it worth doing?


If your answer is yes,  please give as much as you can right now.                                    

Your donation could literally change the destiny of a child.


You can Sponsor a school for $5,000, Sponsor a scholarship for $1,000

                             Give $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, $10


Wayne Winsley

Executive Director, Brave Enough to Fail Inc.


Ct Mirror When Poverty Permeates the Classroom  by Jacqueline Rabe Thomas


Yale Daily News Behind Connecticut’s “Opportunity Gap” by 

Dunkin Donuts Joins 5K Push-Ups in 30 Days to #InspireKids to Achieve Greatness



A great big THANK YOU!! to the 14 Dunkin Donuts in the greater Danbury Ct and Brewster NY areas that are supporting and hosting 5K Push-Ups in 30 Days to #InspireKids.

America runs on Dunkin. Our future runs on our Children. Our Children run on Inspiration.

That is why our local Dunkin Donuts  are supporting Brave Enough To Fail in our effort to inspire and motivate our youth with the courage and preparation to follow and achieve their dreams.

Brave Enough to Fail Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit, student motivational program that ,with your support, empowers young people to realize their dreams and full potential through educational achievement, courage, and hard work.The program provides a launch-pad towards success with motivational presentations, exposure to educational and career opportunities, and academic scholarships. The goal is to cultivate a generation of competent, self-assured, young people who have the tools to succeed.

By donating to Brave Enough to Fail, You strengthen our communities, you strengthen our state, and you strengthen our nation, by empowering our youth.

Please help #InspireKids today by making a donation. Thank you so much.


2,700 push-ups done and only 2,300 to go!