Vision is great but have a PLAN as well


If you can see it, you can be it.

This is true, but its not the whole truth.

You need a plan for turning your vision into reality.

If you haven’t done so already, formulate your plan of action and write it down. don’t keep it filed away in your head. Keep your plan in a place where you can see it everyday and use it, because…

Write your plan

Committing your vision to paper in the form of a plan also helps build the courage and resolve that are required in order to be persistent in working toward your goal, whatever it is.despite the inevitable obstacles and failures along the way.

Having all the right tools for success is worthless if fear of failure keeps you from using them.

So, don’t let your vision drift away as a daydream. Make a detailed plan of how you will bring your vision to life, write it down and then WORK your plan diligently and courageously and watch the sparks fly.

Brave Enough To Fail inspires young people with the courage and preparation to activate their dreams, goals, gifts, and talents.

Your generous donations help launch the dreams of the next generation.


About the author

Wayne Winsley is an award winning  motivational Keynote Speaker who has been inspiring others for over a decade. He is the founder and President of Brave Enough To Fail.


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